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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do you offer in-call service?
Answer: Unfortunately no. Our service is out-call only.

Question: Are the photos of your ladies real and recently taken?
Answer: All photos of the ladies are very much real and they are actively updated.

Question: If I need to cancel my booking, what to do?
Answer: If you make the cancellation before the appointment, then just call, send SMS or email us. If the lady has already arrived, a 1000 THB cancellation fee must be paid to the lady directly.

Question: How many shots can I have?
Answer: If you have taken the VIP Service - the number of shots is unlimited! Please read more here.
For the regular service, four shots per 24h is the maximum, however if you pay a little extra, you can have more. More about this on the Services and Rates page.

Question: Where are you located?
Answer: We are operating in the Bangkok area. However you are free to travel anywhere in Thailand with our ladies.

Question: How do I make the payment?
Answer: As soon as you meet the lady, with cash only.

Question: Do you need a deposit payment?
Answer: A deposit is not required on regular bookings.
However, if you are booking a number of ladies and/or for longer periods of time, we may ask for a deposit.
If you would like to make a VIP Service booking, then we must ask for 30% of the one-time fee.
More about this on the Services and Rates page.

Question: How do I make the deposit payment?
Answer: By using a regular bank transfer or using Bitcoins, please read the next question.

Question: Is there some way to make the deposit payment without any connection to you?
Answer: Yes there is, by using Bitcoins. Bitcoin is a virtual currency that is completely untraceable to you.
Please read more here.

We accept BitcoinsIf you already have Bitcoins and wish to pay the deposit this way, please let us know and we will send the address to send Bitcoins to.
If you do not have Bitcoins but would like to use them, you can easily buy Bitcoins from many places. Here are some services from whom Bitcoins can be purchased.

Please note that the Bitcoin's value updates continuously, we will verify the amount according to current value at for example Kraken Exchange (

Question: Can I make the complete payment beforehand using Bitcoins?
Answer: Yes you can. Please let us know and we will verify the amount based on the services you wish to have and the current Bitcoin value.

Question: Can the lady travel with me outside of Bangkok?
Answer: Yes, the ladies love to travel with you! As locals. the ladies are also experts on the best places to see in Thailand and make sure that you are not getting ripped off in locations or services where there is potential for it.

Question: How often do the ladies get a health check?
Answer: All ladies perform regular complete health check-ups every few weeks.

Question: What services do the ladies provide?
Answer: More about this on the Services and Rates page and the pages of the individual ladies.

Question: Is it possible to directly call or email any of the ladies?
Answer: No. We have strict policy of not giving out any of our ladies' contact details.
This is for the safety of the ladies.

Question: Are the escorts ladyboys?
Answer: Only the ones that are clearly marked as ladyboys. All ladies are 100% ladies to the full extent of the description and they would love to prove that for you.

Question: How long does it usually take for the lady to arrive at my location?
Answer: It usually takes one hour to reach any hotel in Bangkok area. However Bangkok is known for it's traffic jams and there is the possibility for a small delay because of this. However if a booking was made earlier, the ladies have already taken the traffic in count on their schedule, so that they arrive at your location in the agreed time.